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Family Business


Established in 1995, our agency is a family-owned Sole Proprietorship specializing in real estate sales and appraisals. We have a history of contracting to build and remodel residential properties in our local area. Our office is located in Indianola, Mississippi (boyhood home of B. B. King), on the corner of College and W. Gresham Streets.

Go to www.city-data.com and type in zip code "38751" for more information about our home town.

Our staff is dedicated to the economic development of our community and the greater Mississippi Delta. We do this through improving neighborhoods and quality of life. Our Contractor has over 30 years of construction experience!  Our agents available to assist you are: Charles F. Davis, Real Estate Broker/Appraiser Cell- 662-207-0472, Linda Davis, Sales Associate/Office Manager Cell - 662-207-6316, Malone Phillips, Sales Associate, Cell 662-822-4249.

We are an Equal Opportunity Business and a active member of the Indianola Chamber of Commerce. Our real estate market consists of, but is not limited to, Sunflower and Humphreys Counties. Living and serving in the Delta all our lives, we know this market well. Give us a call today!